Fall of 2018

How do I sign my Child up?

Step One:  Fill out an application

There are several ways.

Step Two: Pay registration fee.

Registration fee for a new Scout is $51.75 

$51.75 covers a Scouts registration through the calendar year 2020.  Registering and paying online only will cover registration only through the end of 2019, $38 will still be due on signup night.

Step Three:  Go to Sign up night.

What if I signed up online, do I still need to go to Sign up night?  Yes, Sign up night is also an informational meeting, There will be an activity for the boys and information for the parents on uniforms, meetings, activitys and so on.

What if Sign up night has passed?  You can Still sign up.  Contact Dustin Lof or Tom Weston for details

Step Four:  Volunteer.

But I heard Pack 58 already has leaders for the the dens this year?  Yes, fortunately we do but, in addition to Den leaders there are still other positions in the Pack.  We need a Secretary, and an Assistant Cubmaster to name a few.  

Step Five:  Have Fun.

Boys join Cub Scouting because they want to have fun. For boys, however, fun means a lot more than just having a good time. "Fun" is a boy's code word for the satisfaction he gets from meeting challenges, having friends, feeling good about himself, and feeling he is important to other people. While the boys are having fun and doing things they like to do, they also learn new things, discover and master new skills, gain self-confidence, and develop strong friendships.